What are the Land Use codes?

There are variations on Land Use Codes as follows:

County Land Use Codes: Most commonly, land use codes are assigned to each property by the county assessors and indicate the primary purpose of the improved or unimproved property. provides a drop down list of the Use Codes available from the county you are searching.

State Land Use Codes: In addition to county land use codes, some states maintain a land use coding system that designates the primary use of each property. In cases where both the county and state feature a land use code, Realist features both.

Universal Land Use Codes: Finally, since coding systems vary county-to-county (and state-to-state), CoreLogic offers a “Universal Land Use” coding system that enables users to employ a simplified and consistent coding system for their searches in all counties. The Universal Land Use code is routinely featured on Realist searches and data presentations as a drop down list.


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